Gabriel Morgenstern

Game-Developer & Software-Engineer & Founder of Companies ;)

co-founder/owner of: Suchkraft GmbH, Wortliga GmbH, Reif & Kollegen GmbH

and of course owner of: vidiludi games


gabriel (at) vidiludi (dot) com

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2016: DB Train Simulator (iOS / Android / WebGL / HTML5)

Train simulator game for Deutsche Bahn

as vidiludi

2014: Immune (PC / Mac)

Top down survival MMORPG with a wink

as vidiludi

2014: Mad Motor Biker (iOS / Android)

Biker racing game with endless randomly generated track

as vidiludi

2013: Driving Reckless (iOS / Android)

Challenging racing game with realistic driving physics

as vidiludi

2013: Raccoon Rumble (iOS / Android)

Physics puzzle with pirate raccoons firing a giant slingshot

as vidiludi

2012: Highway Run (iOS / Android)

Gangster-themed racing game with humorous story

as vidiludi

2009: Spiegel Online - Allgemeinwissen (Nintendo DS)

Brain training quiz game

as Software-Engineer & Game-Designer

for Brainmonster Studios

2008: BlobFoot (Mac / PC)

Multiplayer football game with shooter-like controls and awesome Blobs

as hobby game developer

2008: 2weistein (Mac / PC)

Award winning adventure learning game for kids

as Software-Engineer & Game-Designer

for Brainmonster Studios

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